Cognitious® is a security consultancy service which provides businesses with unrivalled crisis planning and protective security support. Cognitious® is made up of former police officers, armed forces, counter terrorism officers and commanders. Protecting people in extreme scenarios has been a lifelong vocation for our team. We will test, train and prepare your staff to handle the most severe types of threats to property and people.

How we do it

There is no way to remove risk from the world, but what we can provide are the skills needed to react decisively to emergency situations, plan to minimise danger and develop the tools required to recover from challenging circumstances. The team supports the implementation of security awareness, crisis readiness, disaster planning and recovery for public and private organisations alike; specialising in the preparation of handling extreme incidents, emergencies and security risks. Cognitious® also understands the importance of post-incident care, therapy and counselling.

Resilience & Emergency Preparedness

Putting your procedures under the spotlight, we identify the strengths and vulnerabilities that could be tested by emergencies and measure their effectiveness. Whether an unforeseeable natural disaster or human act, we will provide invaluable insight on the preventative measures that can be taken.

Media Crisis Management Planning

Organisations faced with an emergency or severe incident will come under pressure in unexpected ways and handling crisis communications in a manner that limits media intrusion is essential. There are proven practices to be employed in these scenarios and Cognitious® work systematically to identify the appropriate response for your organisation in differing circumstances.

Protective Security Risk Audit & Review

A key part of security planning is strategically assessing current risks and procedures. A security management policy should be regularly audited to ensure it remains an appropriate response to new threats, changing circumstances and even the composition of new teams. Reviews of physical security, policies and procedures, security training and thorough security reviews form a solid basis for an improved strategy.

Physical Penetration Testing

Examining the physical security of premises with a professional penetration tester will result in valuable practical knowledge of how your physical barriers, security personnel and technology can be overcome by a determined individual. If you invest whatsoever in security, evaluating protective qualities is the best way to ensure you are making the correct decisions. Cognitious® offer one off and regular testing for organisations with large teams on rotations and multiple sites.

Search & Awareness Training

Correctly searching individuals and identifying concealed items throughout your premises whilst maintaining dignity and respect requires a blend of skills and training. Providing your employees with security awareness training that is designed around your needs is one step in establishing a safer environment and taking direct steps against potential sabotage or terror risks.

Weapon Attack Resilience Training

The unfortunate reality is that weapon attacks are unpredictable and can take many forms from a knife to an explosion. Weapon resilience training provides guidance around response, preventative measures and consequences. Delivered by extremely experienced former police and counter terrorism officers, our training provision can range from a 2-hour session ideal for organisations with smaller teams (such as schools) through to more in-depth consultations for organisations with larger needs.

Table Top Exercises (Tactical Response Management)

Testing the security response measures that you have established in a simulated scenario will aide you in making a thorough critique of how well prepared you really are to respond to a disaster. With experience of designing bespoke scenarios for large organisations and government departments, be assured that our team will create a programme which will put your preparations to the test and ensure that if the time comes, your teams are primed to react as planned with every angle covered.

Readiness Exercises (Live Role Play)

There is no substitute for experience. Practical security readiness exercises are designed to test your personnel under some of the anticipated physical, psychological and emotional pressures of a disaster scenario. Allowing them to simulate carrying out their role to the fullest extent and being able to assess performance provides unrivalled insight into the capability you have in place. Leave nothing to chance with regular incident simulation exercises that will guarantee a highly conditioned team.

Security Audit for AEO

Ashridge Group have expertise in the security criteria and considerations that need to be met when applying for Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status in the EU. With audit and review services designed specifically for assessing adherence to required AEO standards, we will undertake detailed analysis of readiness. The commercial advantages of AEO status are widely understood; Ashridge Group provide expertise on tap for businesses who are looking to streamline their international logistics operations.