Ashridge Group runs successful ‘supervisor day’

21st June 2017   |   ,   |  

Ashridge Group is proud to have run a successful supervisor day held at its Head Office in Buckinghamshire on Wednesday 24th May.

Focusing on team building, overcoming challenges and motivating teams, the day saw ten Ashridge Group supervisors work together to strategically address some of the issues facing the workplace and how to address them. The supervisors also worked out ways to nurture their teams in alignment with the company values. 

Consisting of a variety of activities and exercises, the day also included:

  • Boosting team performance day after day
  • Motivating team members to give their best
  • Working with the company values
  • Ensuring unity and harmony of purpose and spirit within a team
  • Building a positive and safe workplace environment
  • Training and enhancing your employees
  • Anticipating problems and devising solutions
  • Dealing with rogue employees
  • Creating stronger employee relations

“After a lot of hard work and planning, our first annual supervisor day was a huge success. It was wonderful to get all our supervisors from across the country, together in one room for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with our high performing team even if we couldn’t work out how to get the balls in the box!

Ashridge Group is almost five years old and we already have 10 supervisors that all attended our event, and I am now looking forward to next year when we will hopefully have an even bigger team of supervisors”.

Mick Stubbs, Group Operations Manager

“I am truly proud of our teams and everything the supervisors have achieved over the past few years and the supervisor day was a fantastic opportunity to share ideas and discuss the future.”

Emma Walker, Group Operations Director